Bộ đàm cầm tay an toàn Entel HT544 VHF IECEx


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Ngay khi bạn cầm trên tay thiết bị di động HT544 Series 2.0 của Entel, bạn sẽ bị ấn tượng bởi chất lượng thiết kế vượt trội của chúng. HT544 đã được thiết kế dành riêng cho những người yêu cầu một thiết bị di động hàng hải bền bỉ.

Từ thiết kế công thái học chắc chắn vừa vặn thoải mái trong tay bạn, cho đến âm thanh đặc biệt lớn, các thiết bị di động HT544 Series 2 dễ dàng vượt qua đối thủ.

Thiết bị di động THT544 được chứng nhận An toàn Nội tại IECEx (II 2 G Ex ib IIA T4) và được phê chuẩn theo tiêu chuẩn môi trường hàng hải IEC 60945 và có Chuẩn chống nước IP68 (chìm ở độ sâu 2 mét trong 4 giờ).

Thiết bị di động HT544 Series 2 của Entel sẽ vượt trên cả mong đợi của những người dùng bộ đàm có kinh nghiệm nhất.

Quy định chống cháy SOLAS Chương II-2: Bộ đàm an toàn/chống cháy nổ này sẽ cho phép khách hàng tuân thủ yêu cầu của SOLAS về "hai bộ thiết bị vô tuyến điện di động hai chiều dành dành cho cho lính cứu hỏa".

Sản phẩm này bao gồm:
- 1 x Bộ đàm HT544
- 1 x Sạc để bàn
- 1 x CNB550E Pin Lithium-Ion có thể sạc lại
- 1 x Kẹp gài thắt lưng CBH950
- 1 x Ăng-ten hiệu suất cao
- 1 x Hướng dẫn Sử dụng

Bộ đàm này có thể được sử dụng với các phụ kiện sau:
Ăng-ten Entel CAT40 VHF
Bao da Entel CLC953 Heavy Duty
Micro có loa Entel CMP500 Heavy Duty
Bộ pin Lithium-Ion Entel CNB550E
Bộ sạc nhanh thông minh Entel CSAHT
Micro họng Entel CXR16/950
Tai nghe Entel CXR5/950 Bone Conductive
Micro Entel EA12/950 gài tai có In-Line PTT

Thông số Kỹ thuật chung

Dải tần (MHz) 156-163.275
Kênh Các kênh hàng hải All INT, USA & CAN
Độ rộng kênh 25 kHz
Phương thức liên lạc Song công/Bán song công
Trở kháng ăng-ten 50 ohm
Ăng-ten Râu/Rút ngắn
Loại pin Bộ pin Li-Ion 1800 mAh
Điện áp nguồn 7.4V DC
Máng dòng (danh nghĩa) 40mA
Chu kỳ hoạt động (5/5/90) 12.5 giờ
Micro Micro điện dung bên trong
Nhiệt độ Hoạt động -20 đến +55 độ C
Cấu tạo MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F
Chuẩn chống nước IP68 (sâu 2 m trong 4 giờ)

Thông số kích thước

Kích thước (mm) 59.5mm (W) x 130mm (H) x 37mm (D)
Trọng lượng (g) 277g có pin và ăng-ten

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Buy Entel HT544 IECEx: Digital Portable Marine Radio Singapore

A digital portable marine radio is a compact, handheld communication device specifically designed for maritime use. This advanced piece of technology is a lifeline for seafarers, offering a reliable means of communication while navigating the open waters. Unlike traditional analogue radios, digital portable marine radios offer enhanced clarity, extended coverage, and various convenient features tailored to meet the needs of marine enthusiasts, professionals, and adventurers.

Another key feature of a digital portable marine radio is its ability to provide dedicated channels for direct contact with the Coast Guard. This is a critical safety feature, ensuring that you can quickly and efficiently reach out for help in case of emergencies.

In addition to its communication capabilities, a digital portable marine radio also keeps you informed about current weather updates. This is particularly useful for planning your journey and making necessary adjustments based on real-time weather conditions.

Despite its handheld size, digital portable marine radio can communicate for miles, connecting you with anyone else who possesses a similar device. This extensive range of communication is not just limited to emergencies but is also useful for coordinating activities with other vessels or receiving updates from marine traffic control.

At BuyNav, our digital portable marine radio is also intrinsically safe. An "intrinsically safe" portable radio, often referred to as explosion-proof, is a type of digital marine radio designed to prevent sparks or electrical charges, ensuring safety when accidentally dropped or operated in highly volatile areas. They are designed to ensure safety in extremely unpredictable and hazardous environments, addressing factors such as temperature dynamics, electrical insulation, material composition, and overall design considerations. As such, these radios are reliable tools for maritime professionals as they minimise risks during use, especially in potentially explosive settings where flammable materials might be present. 

Importance of Digital Portable Marine Radio

A portable marine radio is a vital tool that enhances safety, enables communication with other vessels, and helps you comply with maritime regulations. It's an investment in safety and peace of mind for anyone spending time on the water.

Safety and Emergency Response

Having a portable marine radio while on the water is crucial for safety. In an emergency, immediate communication is key. Even if you are unable to reach the Coast Guard directly, you can contact other boaters within your reception range. These boaters can then relay your distress signal or message to the proper authorities. This network of communication can be a lifeline in critical situations, making a portable marine radio an essential piece of marine safety equipment.

Weather Updates

A digital portable marine radio also provides access to current weather updates. This feature is particularly important when you're out on the water, where weather conditions can change rapidly. Having real-time weather information can help you make informed decisions about your course and whether to seek shelter.

Communication with Other Boaters

A portable marine radio isn't just for emergencies. It's also a valuable tool for everyday communication with other vessels. Whether you're coordinating activities with other boats, requesting assistance, or simply sharing information about conditions, a portable marine radio facilitates this communication efficiently.

Compliance with Regulations

In many regions, carrying a portable marine radio or a satellite phone is not just a safety recommendation, but a legal requirement, especially for certain types of vessels and in specific areas. Ensuring you have a functioning portable marine radio on board helps you stay compliant with these regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Portable Marine Radio

How to use a handheld VHF portable marine radio?

Operating a handheld VHF portable marine radio is a simple process, even for beginners. First, you turn on the device using the power button, usually located on the front or side of the radio. 

Once the device is on, you select the appropriate channel for your communication needs. This could be a specific channel for your group or a general channel for broader communication. 

After selecting the channel, you press the transmit button, typically located on the side of the radio, and speak clearly into the microphone to send your message. It's important to hold the radio at a right angle to your mouth for the clearest transmission. 

After you've finished speaking, release the transmit button to switch the radio back to receive mode. This allows you to hear responses or other communications on the selected channel.

What is the range of a handheld VHF portable marine radio?

The range of a handheld VHF portable marine radio can vary significantly based on several factors. The specific model of the radio, its power output, and the conditions in which it's used all play a role in determining its range. 

Some high-powered models, particularly those used in clear, open conditions with minimal interference, can reach communication distances as far as 60 miles or more. However, it's important to note that this is an optimal range. In more challenging conditions, such as in heavy weather or around large obstacles, the effective range may be reduced.

How far can handheld VHF radios transmit?

The transmission distance of handheld VHF radios is primarily determined by the power of the radio, which is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the farther the radio can transmit.For example, a radio with a power output of 1 watt may only have the capacity to reach a few hundred yards. This might be suitable for communication within a small group on a boat or near the shore. On the other hand, a more powerful 5 watt radio can transmit much farther, reaching up to 12 miles or more under optimal conditions. This makes it a valuable tool for longer-range communication, such as between ships or from a ship to a shore station.

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