Thuraya MarineStar Citadel Solution For High Availability Communications

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How to ensure safety and security at sea 24/7?

Imagine you in the high seas, no land in sight. Imagine an engine breakdown with total power loss in the middle of nowhere. Imagine being chased and boarded by pirates! Imagine loss of communications. How will rescuers or authorities find you to provide assistance? How will they know your last known location or track your current location? How can you contact rescuers or authorities? 

You want to hope for the best outcome, but you have to plan for the worst case scenario or emergency at sea!

In emergency situations, swift and reliable communication can be a matter of life and death. Ships equipped with robust communication systems can promptly request assistance, relay distress signals, and receive critical guidance from rescue coordination centers or nearby vessels. Timely communication during emergencies significantly improves the chances of successful rescue operations and ensures the safety of everyone onboard.

The evolution of satellite communication technologies has significantly enhanced the reliability and coverage of voice and data services for ships at sea. Satellite communication systems provide global coverage, overcoming the limitations of traditional radio-based systems and enabling seamless connectivity even in remote or oceanic regions.

We have a solution for you...

Allied eParts is proud to present the Thuraya MarineStar Citadel Solution For High Availability Communications.

The most affordable maritime satellite voice and data solution with tracking and monitoring capabilities while ensuring you can reach out for help when you are under threat.

Even without electrical power, Citadel, with the Victron BlueSmart charger and the 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery, will provide MarineStar with more than 24 hours of back-up power.

Together with Portable Satellite Phone units with dedicated SIMs, such as Thuraya XT-Lite, X5-Touch, XT-Pro, SatSleeve+ and SatSleeve Hotspot, Thuraya MarineStar Citadel Solution provides a robust and high availability maritime satellite voice, tracking and monitoring solution.

Indispensable during emergencies at sea!

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